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Our Business Model

Our virtual clinic is named after my mother, Dr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing, Inc. We are 100% Christian in our approach to care–spirit, soul, and body. Our business model is a direct-model physicians telemedicine clinic, with full licensure, accreditation, and Commonwealth of Virginia registration. We purchase our meds directly from manufacturers and bypass the PHP insurance and middle-man pharmaceutical distributors. Therefore, our costs are low, we are non-asset intense, and scalable. We can ship world-wide through our NGO, also. 

The non-profit entity that provides the personal inner healing prayer ministry (tele-therapy) on behalf of Dr. Lily David Institute is named Soul Care Ministries. Soul Care Ministries provides the prayer ministry for treatment of care clients who deal with toxic emotions, stress, anxiety, and spiritual dissonance. We take advanced/complex cases. Soul Care Ministries is a 501c3.

We are an Atlas MD affiliated Medical Service Provider. For more about the business model click on

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