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Dr. Lily David Institute of Health and Healing offers Online Scheduling via a direct-service model of treatment. Introducing our unique Teletherapeutic Services featuring exclusively online healing services via Zoom teleconference.

Easy Online Prescriptions are available for our clients on an as needed basis. All medications, if needed as part of our model of care, will be coordinated with your primary care physician. This service of Easy Online Prescriptions is offered to members at a substantial discount to members through our online services offerings.

Dr. Lily David Institute keeps Detailed Medical Records of all patients as part of the direct-care model. Each patient record is kept up to date in our EMR, including all assessment and testing data.

Dr. Lily David Institute offers an initial online health assessment designed to encompass your entire health history as well as track and assess the progress of your treatment gauged upon your overall health. Our patients will agree to an assessment that becomes part of your overall history and can be shared with others on your health care team with your permission. Your private and encrypted patient data will also become part of a randomize, anonymized database to study the efficacy of treatment modalities applied to your current and future medical and emotional health. Feel free to ask for more information about this assessment to understand the details. 



Each session of online teletherapeutic care consists of a 30 minute time duration, with a per-hour fee. Each session can exceed this time, if agreed in advance and scheduled by the provider in agreement with the patient on a per session basis. 


Dr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing offers Christian soul care and pastoral counseling. The main goal of pastoral counseling the facilitation of spiritual growth. Prayer is central to the posture of soul care, participating with the Holy Spirit to intervene and it is Jesus Christ who is the true healer. Spiritual growth is foundational to human wholeness. Pastoral counseling is Christian soul care that focuses on the inner self. Pastoral counseling offers a unique opportunity to foster spiritual wholeness, and is at the heart of healing inner hurts, emotional conflict, cognitive dissonance, addictions, phobias, and COVID-19 related fear, stress, and anxiety. 

PASTORAL CARE & COUNSELING      (55 minute clinical hour)

DOCTOR'S CARE REQUEST       (30 minute clinical hour)

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