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Alleviate Stress via Teletherapeutic  Health Care

Introducing Teletherapeutic   Health Care — Unique and Innovative Elimination of Stress

Dr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing provides a proven, operationalized methodology of combined spiritual and psychological care called Spiritualpsychodynamics, administered exclusively online to alleviate the stress underlying many diseases. Dr. Lily David Institute answers the call to resolve perhaps the most pervasive ill-health causing issues in human health care today.


Spiritualpsychodynamics is a new and innovative way to achieve better health care outcomes and an improved, stress-free quality of life. Spiritualpsychodynamics combines the spiritual and emotional health care practices, together with medical and mental health sciences, to effectively treat disease. Why is this important? It is important because scientific research proves that physical and emotional stress causes disease. If I am currently suffering from a clinically diagnosed disease, or perhaps a mental health issue, my health care team ought to be addressing the root cause of the emotional stress that is root-causal to the disease. Yet science currently has no effective practice to address the stress underlying the disease. Scientific research proves that the study of human emotions is in its infancy, and admittedly, medical science is not yet aware of the extent of impact of emotions on bodily function. Thus, emotional and spiritual care has largely been left out of the medical and mental health care practice model. Spiritualpsychodynamics aims to change this in an innovative way, making the connection between spiritual and physical care, combined to provide a whole person health care model.

Dr. Lily David Institute offers direct-care service online through Teletherapeutic Care. Enrollment, Assessment, Scheduling, and Appointments completed all from your Smartphone.


Dr. Lily David Institute's schedule of services is based on current science and research, and is evidence based. Click here to access more info on research and clinical studies that support the model of combined care.

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Learn more about who is Dr. Lily David. Meet your Care Team and learn more about the Dr. Lily David Institute's mission to help alleviate stress in your life and discover total health and healing from a whole person health care model.

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