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The Science behind Spiritualpsychodynamics

Spiritualpsychodynamics is a new innovative branch of science, which is conceived as both theory and practice, to cooperatively develop a methodological praxis aimed at reducing or eliminating the underlying stress at root of the symptoms of autoimmune-related and mental health disease. See the below presentation to learn more about the science. For more information and research click here.

Spiritual Modalities of Healing in Featured in Spiritualpsychodynamics™

The discipline of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ addresses a broad spectrum of health concerns yet is acutely focused on a specific area of treatment to alleviate the stress. Thus, the practitioner is only one part of the health care team. The practitioner knows that emotional and physical stress is caused by distorted, disrupted or broken connections between three attributes or aspects or states of being. The treatment modality is focused on the interconnectedness and dynamic interplay between thought patterns, belief systems, and emotional routines. When the cohesiveness of these three states are disrupted by the challenges of life, stress results. To alleviate the stress, the dissonance must be resolved. This is primarily a spiritual exercise, rather than a cognitive exercise. Psychodynamic psychotherapy has had admittedly only modest gains in effectively treating mental health disorders because treatment is administered toward a psychic problem, when better outcomes can be obtained by treating patients with spiritual modalities because these three states are spiritual in nature. Spiritualpsychodynamics™ seeks to conduct research combined synergistically with a praxis model that continually informs the body of scientific evidence. For more info click here.

Dr. Lily David Institute provides a unique treatment model which combines spiritual healing modalities with psychodynamic psychotherapy principles targeting healing and well-being as the priority of care.


Dr. Lily David Institute offers direct-care exclusively online through Teletherapeutic Care™. Enrollment, Assessment, Scheduling, and Appointments can be completed from your Smartphone.


Dr. Lily David Institute's care model schedule is based on current science and research, and is evidence based. Click here to access more info that supports the model of combined care,

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