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The Science of Spiritualpsychodynamics™

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is a new innovative branch of science, which is theoretically conceived as both theory and practice, to cooperatively develop a methodological praxis aimed at reducing or eliminating the underlying stress at root of the symptoms of autoimmune-related and mental health disease. Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is both: (1) a new branch of innovative theoretical science, (2) the praxis of applying this new science to improve whole-person health care[3] outcomes, while also proactively informing the future research of the science. Theory and practice are combined in Spiritualpsychodynamics.™ This new branch of science, along with related sciences, seeks to resolve the spiritual issues fundamental to psychic distress, the underlying root cause, and contribute to the elimination of the disease.

(1) Spiritualpsychodynamics™ (SPD) is a science that researches the interconnectivity and the interplay between the spiritual modalities of healing and the mental health sciences to improve the treatment of stress symptoms underlying autoimmune and inflammatory–related diseases.

(2) Spiritualpsychodynamics™ (SPD) is practiced with the goal of improving quality-of-care patient outcomes, applied in a therapeutic care environment. SPD theorizes that new, operationalized spiritual healing modalities can be co-administered with psychodynamic psychotherapy in a therapeutic care setting, to eliminate the underlying stress causing autoimmune-related diseases. SPD is a science that conducts research to improve the praxis of whole person health care. SPD seeks to answer a further question about which methods are the most effective in eliminating the disease-causing stress?

The combined medical and mental health sciences along with the spiritual modalities of healing behind Spiritualpsychodynamics™[1] for treating the symptoms of diseases are: Psychosomatic medicine,[2] psychoneuroimmunology,[3] science of behavioral change,[4] psychodynamic psychotherapy,[5] whole–person health,[6] nutritional science,[7] the biological sciences, [8] the science of spiritual/emotional intelligences, [9] the Psychology of Religion, [10] and Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM).[10]

Systems biology[11] can also lend insight into the direction of inquiry. For example, whole person health care is an emerging, evidence-based science that seeks to treat the whole person. Whole person health targets are patient-driven, and partner with providers within a priority-of-care model directed by medical and mental health professionals. A targeted outcome of SPD is the elimination of the underlying stress causing autoimmune and inflammatory-related diseases. Thus, the treatment of these diseases is improved by combining the biomedical and the spiritual modalities of healing, providing vastly improved quality-of-care outcomes for patients.

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