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Introducing Deferred Virtual Dynamics™

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In a recent interview with Dr. Garzon, interest was expressed in further studying these modalities of spiritual healing. Dr. Garzon has spent decades studying the inner healing prayer ministry founded by Ed Smith called Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM). SPSD is a new scientific ministry methodology is an adaptation of a prayer-based spiritual modality of healing the spirit and soul, to be adapted and operationalized as SPSD and a new discipline of study called Delayed Virtual Dynamics (DVD) for use in a psychotherapeutic clinical setting. This new science combines the foundational science of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoneuroimmunology, along with prayer-based adaptation of TPM. The adaptation of SPSD enables therapeutic delivery of the operationalized process in a clinical setting with an operationalized methodology of applying spiritual healing modalities for spiritual problems at the root of stress through prayer. Another aspect of SPSD is an added set of treatment tools for addressing deeper spiritual issues of internal spiritual and psychic distress, which underlies the root cause of disease, in an inspired new practice called Delayed Virtual Dynamics (DVD).

An easy way to understand this complex innovative application of healing modalities is to picture the way digital video disks work (DVDs). Picture life ‘as it is experienced’ is a movie of one’s life experiences being recorded onto a DVD starting in the womb. As the movie rolls, each moment experienced is recorded along with the accompanied intake of the five senses: (1) seeing, (2) hearing, (3) sensory touch, (4) smelling, and (5) tasting; all of which are recorded simultaneously into the DVD as the events occur. An emotion is recorded with each and every nuance of life, the senses, the emotions, the beliefs are recorded simultaneously and permanently. These are all stored in memory. Along with the recording of the DVD, each experience is interpreted through a worldview that is built and associated with previous experiences, the type of memory developed at that stage of development, and their interpretations. Each track on the DVD is continuously evaluated through the belief system. The beliefs interpret each event through the emotions and the sensory input of each event, and each of the inputs are simultaneously burned together into the DVD. Here is where imagination is required to allow this process to become something that makes sense.

We are now in the clinical therapy session. Imagine, this all-inclusive recorded sequence is allowed to slow down to super slow motion, similar to the movie The Matrix. This ‘bullet speed’ phenomenon slows down the events to enable a more granular comprehension and understanding of all the inputs with their interpretations. Thus, with DVD process, life experiences become slowed down to super slo-mo, and we can now discern more explicitly what one was thinking, feeling, and believing at that precise moment…especially if the moment was traumatic or perceived to be hurtful. The DVD process is vital to apprehending the spiritual and psychic dynamic principles that lead to resolving emotional distress. The DVD story is played back. The DVD process facilitates for the individual the ability in the healing setting to be ‘co-conscious’ of all that is happening in the moment—meaning they are consciously aware of that moment in the memory, as well as conscious in the therapeutic setting.

The process encourages the patient to move into the core of the being (spirit), co-consciously. The spirit person in which you find yourself is the true you (the you God created originally, Ps. 139.1, 13–16), who co-consciously sees the events, experiences the feelings, believes what is believed about this situation. The spirit person who is you back then, chooses to bring the emotions and beliefs before God for his interpretation. All in the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in the DVD memory that are not based in God’s truth are exposed as emotional distress. The patient holds the emotions and beliefs up to God for his truth to be spoken into the co-conscious moment. Resolution of the distress occurs when God speaks in the moment—then and now. God is the actual provider of the spiritual dynamic healing of the psychic distress underlying the issues. The argument is that SPSD and DVD can improve the medical and mental health professions by incorporating this scientific Biblical spiritual application into the modern praxis of physical and mental health care, resulting in the resolution of psychic distress, the underlying cause of many diseases.

Finally, a proposal for a scientific research study that will prove that SPSD and DVD are successful in the healing of the root cause of stress, leading to whole health. By implementing a clinical study of SPSD and DVD, the cross-functional application of science and TPM ministry combine to alleviate emotional distress at its roots for patients, leading to healing of disease, to provide health and well-being. Dr. Fernando Garzon suggests an N-of-1 study model for the clinical study (Lillie), stating the TPM model is promising (personal interview with Dr. Garzon).

SPSD explains the interaction and interconnectedness of spirit, soul, and body. Specifically, it looks through the lens of thought patterns, belief systems, and emotional routines to root out dissonance or distress occurring in them. This paper explains how humans ‘experience’ and how we ‘believe.’ Through a spiritual modality of inner healing prayer ministry, called Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM), we operationalize the process, so it can be used by physical and mental health practitioners. The resolution of emotional distress as a root cause of disease seems complicated until the process slows down to ‘bullet speed.’ It is time to release Delayed Virtual Dynamics (DVD) as an operationalized way to clinically administer these methodologies. DVD is the process (not to mention an acronym) for exploring the interconnectivity of the five senses, with the interoperability between the five types of memory, the interactivity between the two main domains of belief, and the inter-relational spiritual dynamics between them. This paper concludes with a plausible argument for making the spirit of a person central to the study of a new science to resolve the root cause of stress. This stress, if left in place, will contribute to many deadly diseases. The undertaking of administering SPSD in the clinical setting is timely and operationalized for implementation.

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