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Spiritualpsychodynamics™: A Whole Person Care Model

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Scientific research proves stress causes disease.[1] For example, stress is proven to be an underlying causal factor of over 100 autoimmune-related diseases[2] and is a significant factor in many mental health disorders.[3] But what are the underlying factors causing the stress? Until today, this important question has been left largely unanswered by science. [4] Introducing a new and innovative field of theory and practice founded to alleviate human stress underlying diseases called Spiritualpsychodynamics™. Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is an effective method of eliminating stress by combining spiritual modalities of healing with modern psychodynamic psychotherapeutic principles to root out the underlying stress causing many diseases.

The Spiritualpsychodynamics™ solution is administered via a Teletherapeutic Care™ Model delivered exclusively online. Dr. Lily David Institute delivers a whole person health care solution for treating the underlying factors of stress causing these diseases. Click here for more information.

Dr. Lily David Institute of Health and Healing provides a proven, operationalized methodology of practice, to administer solutions to alleviate stress. Answers the call to solve perhaps the most pervasive issue of human care: stress causes disease, it makes sense to question: what is causing the stress?

Scientific answers for the root cause of the stress that causes stress remained elusive, until now. Why is this question not being asked, answered, and followed up with effective care to eliminate the stress?

Dr. Lily David Institute offers solutions to uncovering the deep source of causality to the stress. A highly developed and operationalized methodology has been developed over the past 20 years that began as a spiritual and emotional prayer ministry practice. more frequently in health care? More importantly, why is this question not being asked more frequently by providers and patients? Does science know why stress is causing the disease? The answer is yes. Are we answering all the questions about the underlying cause of stress? The answer is no. root cause of the stress. Rather than being satisfied with assessing the characteristics of an illness and treating the symptoms—effective treatment must turn to address the root cause of the symptoms to eliminate the disease and cure the illness. The medical and mental health professions, rather than having a solution to heal a patient, teach how to live with the disease instead of addressing the root cause of the disease practitioners address the symptoms.

Would treatment outcomes be improved if we understood and focused the priority of care for patients on eliminating the root cause of the stress? Another important question in treating disease is: if the stress is alleviated or substantially reduced, does it provide a better health outcome? Would your health and well-being be better served with a solution that eliminates stress and the disease it causes in your life?

The focus is to utilize the best of what scientific research has accomplished and apply all the available science to understand how to address the underlying stress and eliminate it.

The theory of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is the alleviation of stress can drastically reduce or eliminate the symptoms of disease. Part of the thesis of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ is that stress may be spiritual root casual. The efficacy of modern psychotherapy can benefit significantly from an innovative methodology and a model of care that addresses the spiritual root causes of stress—to alleviate the underlying symptoms of the disease. Recent discoveries in the areas of the spiritual/emotional intelligences and attachment theory have opened new areas of scientific inquiry into this phenomenon.

Spiritualpsychodynamics™ also offers a practical treatment model that has been proven highly effective in eliminating stress. This treatment model has been previously developed, improved, and operationalized over 20 years by Soul Care Ministries. Researchers have now concluded that spiritually based modalities of healing show promise for the mental health professions. Thus, the science of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ combines these effective advanced spiritual modalities of healing, together with an advanced theoretical body of research in advanced fields of science with great promise, that are then further informed by the effective treatment outcomes by practitioners in the field. Research, measurement, and application of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ will prove that spiritual modalities of treatment combined with current health care best practices will result in a whole health solution that dramatically improves the well-being of patients, with the treatment outcome of being free from stress and the diseases caused by stress, in larger numbers, and healed from the diseases caused by stress.

The discipline of Spiritualpsychodynamics™ addresses a broad spectrum of health concerns yet is acutely focused on a specific area of treatment to alleviate the stress. Thus, the practitioner is only one part of the health care team. The practitioner knows that emotional and physical stress is caused by distorted, disrupted or broken connections between three attributes or aspects or states of being. The treatment modality is focused on the interconnectedness and dynamic interplay between thought patterns, belief systems, and emotional routines. When the cohesiveness of these three states are disrupted by the challenges of life, stress results. To alleviate the stress, the dissonance must be resolved. This is primarily a spiritual exercise, rather than a cognitive exercise. For this reason, psychodynamic psychotherapy has had admittedly only modest gains in effectively treating mental health disorders because treatment is administered toward a psychic problem, when better outcomes can be obtained by treating patients with spiritual modalities because these three states are spiritual in nature. Thus, Spiritualpsychodynamics™ seeks to conduct research combined synergistically with a praxis model that continually informs the body of scientific evidence. Through a building a growing body of anonymized and randomized n-of-1 research data, improvements in the care model will be achieved that will continually which in turn improves the spiritual modalities which dramatically improve effectiveness of treatment. and methodologies in the clinical setting.

Thomas Kasperek, Founder

Soul Care Ministries

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