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Methylene Blue: From Alzheimer's to Zika?

The Health Benefits of Methylene Blue is Good News in the Treatment of the Long Term Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Including Brain Fog, Mental Decline, and Depression.

From: Dr. Joseph Mercola's Deep Roots at Home Published: Jun 16, 2022; Modified: Nov 27, 2022

For Providers; 30 minute read. Embedded video: approx. 1:42 mins.

Besides totally inactivating HIV-1, Hepatitis A and C, and the Ebola and Zika viruses, Methylene Blue is scientifically proven to be neuroprotective and help restore/reset brain function in people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, bipolar, depression and more.

Existing ‘approved’ drugs for dementia obviously don’t work or they would be curing people and the disease would disappear.

Methylene Blue is the parent molecule for hydroxychloroquine, the off-patent drug commonly used to treat not only malaria but also “The Great Flu”. Until antibiotics came along, it was commonly used to treat urinary tract infections (which still works, btw) at low doses mentioned below. It’s also used as an antiviral agent in blood transfusions.

To this day, Methylene Blue (MB) is found in every hospital worldwide for metabolic poisons that interferes with oxygen transport. If you’re admitted for carbon monoxide or cyaninde poisoning, you’ll receive methylene blue intravenously. It’s the only known antidote.